About Us

Luchi & Joeys

Freshly-prepared Tacos with Flavors

Luchi & Joeys is a family-owned and operated business. With our expertise, we ensure to deliver quality and freshly-prepared Mexican foods, including tacos. Our chefs use quality ingredients combined with a variety of flavors to make a taco that you have never had before.

Fresh Ingredients & Food-truck Inspired Recipes

At Luchi & Joeys, we use fresh and raw ingredients and quality spices or elements to enhance the overall taste of our delicious tacos. We have a team of experienced and skilled chefs.

We take a passion for fresh ingredients, unique flavors, and food-truck inspired recipes, and roll it all up in a handmade flour tortilla.

Luchi & Joeys
Luchi & Joeys

Home-made Taste of Mexican Food

With almost two decades of experience in the food industry, we have a good understanding of the taste of our local community members. Our creative chefs have outstanding presentation skills, and they present our tacos in an eye-catchy manner with full of art using a tortilla as a canvas.

We prepare our food with a variety of flavors and authentic recipes. With breakfast tacos, migas, and enchiladas y mas, Luchi & Joey’s serves up home-made and delicious Mexican food so that you feel like you are in Moma’s cocina.